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June 25, 2016
Initiation Free New Release
August 25, 2016

Cesspool Free New Release

Cesspool is available to U.S. members for free Tuesday, July 26th through Saturday, July 30th, and heavily discounted for international members. Click the link below to go to the free deal. For international members, I set the price as low as possible in all the Amazon international stores. I am unable to set the price to free internationally at this time.

A disgraced teacher stands between a crooked police department and a runaway girl.

James Fisher was the devoted teacher who taught his students to question authority. He was the devoted husband that didn’t know what his wife was up to. His life was a tragedy waiting to happen.

After the accident, he moved to a backwoods town, content to waste away while the world burned. He was awakened from his apathy by a small girl with a big problem. It was safer to look the other way. Getting involved would place James squarely in the crosshairs of the local police.

He was afraid, but he did it anyway.

Adult language and content.

New & Upcoming
Initiation (Thriller, Sports Drama) is complete and will be released in August for free. My wife, Denise, loves this book. She identifies with the smart and sarcastic Sarah. I believe Initiation is my best work to date.
I’m making first draft progress on The Propaganda Project (Nonfiction). I’ve written the first fourteen chapters. I’m about two-thirds through the book. The research is massive. So far I have eighty-plus sources and over six hundred footnotes. Because of the inflammatory nature of the book, I’ve been very careful to make sure my information is factual. This is a polarizing book that people will either love or hate. I would love to release this one in October before the elections, but it will probably be November.
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