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April 13, 2016
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June 25, 2016

Stone Lake Free Download and Updates

Stone Lake is available for free Tuesday 5-10 through Saturday 5-14. Click the link below to go to the free download.

Jon Porter works with his ex-wife and ex-best friend in the sleepy vacation town of Stone Lake. He toils to keep their construction company afloat while the exes in his life enjoy their honeymoon.

Jon meets Morgan when a gaggle of turkeys and a curvy mountain road aligns with one-in-a-million timing. Despite their attraction, her engagement, and the ire of her family, the pair embarks on a platonic friendship. As their relationship strengthens, they share secrets, but Morgan holds her most important secret tight to her chest, where it beats like a ticking time bomb. It’s not a matter of if, but when.
Adult language and content.

Like all of us, Jon and Morgan are products of their childhoods. In Stone Lake, I wanted to show the effects broken and unbroken families can have on their children, even into adulthood. I took their unresolved pasts and mixed in divorce, a sociopath, legal problems, and plain ole bad luck to take Jon and Morgan to the brink. I wanted to explore the depths of loss and shame and disappointment. I wanted to see what they were made of.

New & Upcoming
I have three books in various stages of completion. Initiation (Coming of Age, Sports Drama) is stuck with my proofreader. Unfortunately, she will be late in her delivery, which is going to delay my formatter and cover artist. The release date has been delayed to early July. It will be worth the wait. I believe Initiation is my best work to date.

I’ve been working on rewrites for Cesspool (Thriller) for the past few weeks. My editor loved the book for the most part, but wasn’t in love with the ending. I’m working on that now. I’ll be finished in a few days and then it will be ready for the proofreader. The release date will be early August. For those of you that liked Against the Grain, you’ll love Cesspool.

The Propaganda Project (Nonfiction) is in the research stage. I’m reading a stack of dense texts to familiarize myself with propaganda techniques, uses, and history. The book idea started with this question: If we’ve been influenced and manipulated by government, schools, family, religion, media, and marketers since birth, how do we know that our thoughts are really our own? Do we believe things because of this propaganda that are simply not true? I’m focusing on the most dangerous form of propaganda, government propaganda. It won’t be the typical dry nonfiction book. I’m planning interviews, surveys, and it will be written in narrative form. The release date will be October or November.

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Phil M. Williams

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