Rumors Sneak Peek (Chapters 1-4)
February 1, 2019
Your Next Great Novel Episode 2 (Book Reviews, Public Shaming, & PC Culture)
April 9, 2019

Your Next Great Novel Episode 1 (Phil M. Williams & The Predator Hunter)

Hear the story behind the story of The Predator Hunter by Phil M. Williams, with your host Denise Williams.

Phil M. Williams is a voluntaryist author who writes fiction and nonfiction that reflects the reality of our society, the environment, and our state sponsored oppression. He writes in many genres, but the threads that connect his books are protagonists that seek the truth, and the portrayal of the human condition—the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Williams is the author of fourteen books. Phil M. Williams lives in central Pennsylvania with his wife, Denise. When not writing, he can be found tending their permaculture farm.

If you’d like to read his popular novel, Against the Grain, for free, click here:

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