2050: Psycho Island (Book 1) Chapter 3
September 28, 2019
2050: Psycho Island (Book 1) Chapter 4
October 12, 2019

Join me as I chat with Amazon bestselling author, John Hindmarsh. We discuss the following:

-Writing and living with a serious illness

-Writing satire and politics in fiction

-Annihilation, John’s sci-fi series

-Zed’s Parallel Universe Chronicles, John’s urban fantasy series

-Robotics in the near future

-AI superintelligence

-Human jobs displaced by automation

You can find John’s novels at http://www.johnhindmarsh.com/


  1. Sue Olexa says:

    Well DONE you two!!

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Podcast!!

    Two of my favorite Author’s together…..doesn’t get better than that.

    Well wishes John for continued success with your treatements. I look forward to many many more books.

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