2050: Psycho Island (Book 1) Chapter 6
November 9, 2019
2050: Psycho Island (Book 1) Chapter 7
November 23, 2019

Your Next Great Novel Episode 15 (Kory Shrum and Thrillers, Suspense, and Fantasy)

Join me as I chat with USA Today and international bestselling thriller and fantasy author, Kory M. Shrum. We talk about the following:

-Kory’s genre bending novels

-Pros and cons of writing in different genres

-Reading bad reviews

-Kory’s latest thriller novel, Carnival.

-Writing stories in the near future versus the distant future

-Our favorite books

-Balance in life and writing

Find out more about Kory M. Shrum and her novels here: https://www.korymshrum.com/

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